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Whoever buys now see the chance, its a good time buying simply because of waiting for the bonus issue announcement.
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The whole market is at a discount :)
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I think it will go up. :)
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Run and save your own money first.
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Lumbrusco Haw 谢谢指点
1 month · translate
Can but the main question is, what is your target price n can you sell on the target price? :)
7 months · translate
There is no must. It depends how much you foresee it will drop until. If you target 0.6, then selling it now would help u buying it at a much lower price. No one can tell for sure.
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Don’t keep or buy.. when you know its gonna drop further..
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看到有些人说接种疫苗顺利的人不知道从哪里来的消息。欧盟国家目前的进度慢到要命、目前许多国家还是处于半封城状态、比如:Norway& Germany. 打了疫苗的人很多、还没打的就更多。进度慢到要命。这两个月中病毒的图表更显示明显的提升。就连接种最快的印度、单日也能破万中毒。目前的情况确实还需要手套、复原股还没到来。这是目前至少2-3个月的状况。
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