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This user has been posting inappropriate comments recently.
Uncle Kee, my apology.
What do you mean by not in big 3 anymore?
Forever GG?
4 hours · translate
你成功才有人会打击你咯 你没什么影响力谁理你呢
8 hours · translate
哈哈 你们真可爱
就是对我们最好的回报 对股价最好的负责
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人家Supermax plant13-17,5间厂都在建了,2023确定会有484亿只手套
Supermax had begun to construct plant 13 to 17, which will directly contribute to all total of 48.4b pieces in year 2023.
This is a false news. This ib is a fraud
1 week · translate
Mplus是全额 不可能再扣税 这个是profit after tax 公司已经给了
2 weeks · translate
Cbk change speech everyday
In india food we call roti planta
In medical term we call it Schizophrenia
3 weeks · translate
No need to apologise, we didn’t believe you anyway so Stop talking nonsense without any supporting fact.
Old folks like you shouldn’t say something which is immature. Pity you
3 weeks · translate
@vincent 你讲这些 是要看有没有机会收票是吗
4 weeks · translate
是的 未来香蕉树越来越多 医生可以用香蕉叶包手 更加环保
1 month · translate
shirin 你又懂?
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