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Steven, 傳聞會去到多少?
2 weeks · translate
哇,bro. 差不多整個CTOS comment 多見到你,你進了很多是嗎??
1 month · translate
2100 還是 1730? 什麼來的?
1 month · translate
大部分把KLSE當Casino 了?
1 month · translate
你說的對,但現在的投資者心態都不是醬了,大部分都是FIFO的,what to do?
1 month · translate
Just stick to it if u know how CTOS works.
2 months · translate
@olivia, r u sure 0.1?
3 months · translate
@julia u will get ur unit on 9 of jun. My only concern is that, I can’t sell it as the additional units aint in my hand. So sad
4 months · translate
@julia ur remisier not that professional la. Change one la. Ya, I have warrant before ex
4 months · translate
@julia kindly ask ur remisier regarding this. I think it will be the units u have times with 0.9106. That will be your additional units
4 months · translate
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