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this chettiar co gonna sink sl low wait n see
Yesterday · translate
1 rm mai tayar pam chat!
1 day · translate
run fast before it sinks
6 days · translate
why buy a f uped counter that run by morons and then complain? Can't u see the quarterly performance? The top mgnt must have his head rolled out to the longkang
1 week · translate
Chi bai counter
1 week · translate
again this shitty counter
1 week · translate
sejak pompuan anak ponorogo 8tu masuk mqtech, shares jadi macam rupiah
2 weeks · translate
bastard. counter
3 weeks · translate
if ca go up by 5 cents it would be a great performance. They just lied wanting dumb investors to jump in. con artist co. Be forewarned.
4 weeks · translate
shitty counter better run
4 weeks · translate
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