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29 minutes · translate
looking forward to seeing close price of 300
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大家记得啊investor enrol 的drip 只会影响自己的average cost 因为用股息买比较低价格的股票,从而拉低自己的cost


无论是drip, 是right issue 都好,都是股票变多了,EPS diluted 而已
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太明显了operator 每天都收票

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share price won't change

only the number of share will be changed and the EPS will be diluted due to increase in number of shares where the allotment was done at a discount
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Tim, remember what our master here Cheng always advise

always monitor own risk by observing quarter by quarter result

those are noises

if you have vision and faith in Parkson, then hold, if you are fearful and lacking confidence, you may dump anytime
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Hahaha they think they can collect stocks at super lower price for CLMT

unfortunately, it is extremely hard now
ever since I shared my blog and sharing of update and info from day to day since July 2023
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yang yang why wanna trigger anxiety

Aiyo... bad boy

this share is very stable

is a no-brainer investment
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