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Senheng開的mobile是不是比原店便宜點? 不然我都不懂他花錢開來幹嘛
2 months · translate
Have to see why they acquire inside scoop, is them want to put ice cream technique in retail, if yes, then proof that they are sufficient money to play around
3 months · translate
Greyson mean want to act busying at airport and act like so kesian and hardworking only look like positive.
12 months · translate
jp几时0.99啊。z z z
1 year · translate
1 year · translate
for them that is a money game only, for you is a misleading. Ibrahim bought by who last two years?
1 year · translate
Big crocodiles behind
1 year · translate
请问airasia LA是什么? 可以卖的吗
1 year · translate
請問right issue認購後是不是要等很久? 目前還沒看到價格和數量有任何更改
1 year · translate
1 year · translate
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