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Tis exactly a retailer mindset, think they smell sharks, hahahahahah. Good luck bro
11 hours · translate
哎哟 说好的82法则呢? 散户大哥您不是说您是属于那稀有的20%高等人群吗? 怎么把票卖了呀? 加入80%的大家庭会不会委屈您老人家了?
4 days · translate
Sandy. we hv budget every year, KLCI suppose to achieve 3k by now according to your logic
4 days · translate
Lol, is klse on uptrend? Talk liao like no talk
4 days · translate
Sandy, they hv been buying since 2018, yet the share price stagnant
6 days · translate
Lol, syscorp been excercising share buy back for ages.
6 days · translate
Ya, i got big position also, bigger than u lol
2 weeks · translate
Just sell oni, no point to analyse and explain
2 weeks · translate
Nanti waterfall u tau la problem tu, sabar
3 weeks · translate
told u sell you dont believe, told u buy u doubt on it. then why see this counter o
3 weeks · translate
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