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hahahaha still got some ppl dreaming about virus affecting glove price
10 months · translate
woaw earn more than us hahahaha, typical b40
11 months · translate
Y.T. , ya, I not sad because got buy share and lose money la, sad because this company never make loss for many many years, but now in tough situation. hope tan Sri lim can turnaround this company
11 months · translate
quite sad to see this company in this situation
11 months · translate
Everytime down, got some fatherless dogs come bark and say "run before collapse".
1 year · translate
Uncle 你在哪里,你的TP要到了~~~
1 year · translate
hahaha kpower tukar jadi reneuco
1 year · translate
wah this uncle still alive
1 year · translate
cash on hand so low plus bleeding each quarter, you think he will buy meh? last time do lousy decision, he learn from stupid mistake ady
1 year · translate
zero sum game, you ingat stock market semua orang buat duit ka
1 year · translate
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