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hahaha, many resign because of this la. diu nia seng force convert share grant to esos
1 week · translate
hahaha kpower tukar jadi reneuco
2 weeks · translate
wah this uncle still alive
3 weeks · translate
cash on hand so low plus bleeding each quarter, you think he will buy meh? last time do lousy decision, he learn from stupid mistake ady
3 weeks · translate
zero sum game, you ingat stock market semua orang buat duit ka
3 weeks · translate
I think you misunderstood me 100%, I know this Chinaman company did condom also. now also they are not producing but just rebranding their condom. I'm mocking their need to put "top" in front of every product name. baca baik2 dai gor
3 weeks · translate
hahahaha top feel, name also so cringe. anything pun mau "top". check out the building Infront setia city mall, "top residency" with the ugly lights like TG tower. dunno what to say
3 weeks · translate
Let's watch & see TP 1.35 with improved retail confident.
4 weeks · translate
also heard before negative qr start come out, they revert their decision to provide shares to staff, and converted it into share options hahaha. not mistaken is above 0.9xx price. many resign hahahah
1 month · translate
bleeding all the profits that they made
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