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Minority shareholder dont accept the take over. I will not accept
4 months · translate
Keep average batch by batch. Lot size management.
4 months · translate
So unfair the take over price. Share holder should vote to reject
6 months · translate
Prepared for gap up on monday.
11 months · translate
Director buy alot. Just close eye and buy.
1 year · translate
Cheaper alternative. Buy Rhonema
1 year · translate
Not all pp will go down aso.
1 year · translate
PP 67 sen. 会让你在50sen 买么?
1 year · translate
PP at 67sen. Sttong support at 70 sen. The only way is up..
1 year · translate
Farm Fresh IPo will definitely bring Rhonema value out. If Farm fresh value at 40 PE. Rhonema should be 20++. Huge upside potential
1 year · translate
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