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wow.. finally hit above 70 cents... whats the news?
6 hours · translate
jgn mengharap sangat.... hehehe.. dia ada mention ada strong alternative party yg boleh resuscitate Scable tapi masih dalam proses perbincangan, jadi yg ni belum confirm lagi
3 days · translate
wow.. it is already 0.21... hopefully can go beyond 0.15
3 days · translate
wow...35 cent pun alhamdulillah
4 days · translate
48 cents in the making.. heheh
4 days · translate
dun think so.... hopefully the company's mgmt do something to move the needle
4 days · translate
can round off to rm1? ..haha
6 days · translate
news mentioned Scable has found a strong alternative party to carry out the resuscitation plan
6 days · translate
omg.... hopefully scable is out of this wind out
6 days · translate
Derrick- Followed.. haha
6 days · translate
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