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its impossible junwai, 5125 mother prices not too far with son. jiankun exercise prices 0.3 per unit, current mother prices 0.28 and warrant 0.04. but in bursa nothing impossible. i still collect jiankun at 0.04 around 2k lot.waiting for magic haha..hope got last goreng before expired.
1 week · translate
damn, i bought 0.43 400 lot, early mrning i saw around 0.48 with profit 2000, i thought mau TP 0.53. now already red.
2 weeks · translate
should be rebound, then down back. from chart strong support 0.73-0.74. if down below support..faster run
3 weeks · translate
ok i dah terkena...0.235 500 lot, cut loss 0.1 6.8k hilang dlm 15 minit
4 weeks · translate
u check i3 website then u will know why junam.
4 weeks · translate
0.055 done jual 1000 lot, nice one
4 weeks · translate
chong, sometimes bursa terbalik, dow jones red, bursa green..hope tomorrow bursa green
1 month · translate
kalau check graph untuk setahun, paling lower 0.035, i try beli sikit 0.04 1000 lot, hope ada rebound sblm expired
1 month · translate
lol, quite difficult to up. mahsing venture to gloves indistry, now healthcare sector downtrend, mahsing will follow.
1 month · translate
maybe boss want some pocket money. now our boarder already open, they want go shoping and travel.
1 month · translate
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