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use technical analysis bro...
5 days · translate
sampah dah bangun tido...
5 days · translate
F#uck punya operator
2 weeks · translate
BYD confirmed
3 weeks · translate
nearest resistance 0.15
3 weeks · translate
with RI, you will get free warrant shares.
1 month · translate
with OR, you are entitled to subscribe right issue at 0.08, pls read trading announcement.
1 month · translate
usually only 1 week. Everyone strunggle to sell its own units due to heavy queue above 1M units at 0.005. You need to queue on the right commence of trading date, yesterday during pre-opening at 8.30-9am, otherwise considered gone. this company kedekut..
1 month · translate
of course nobody interested in OR. it is free units.
1 month · translate
so far, only shorlisted, no confirmation
1 month · translate
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