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the TA already shows signal of rebound. standby.
11 hours · translate
rm1 guys. kamon
Yesterday · translate
bring it on Ataims. we'll stay no matter how u scare us. we waiting for 100%!!!
4 days · translate
TA already hit support. It's time to bounce up.
4 days · translate
testing2 123.
4 days · translate
still. those who ep below 0.12 sure hold.
4 days · translate
haha trying so hard la bro. u said company going to go bankrupt, right? just admit u regret it. haha
4 days · translate
yes never regret. but keep on looking at the price. bye2 calvin. u can left group now =p
5 days · translate
ok2. get lost then. sell already right? dont bz here unless u still look at the price n regret it. haha
1 week · translate
then what u do here again? chowla. who left here only for people who waiting for 100% heheh
1 week · translate
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