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Next week expired
Its warrant
Wait for push up?
will resque my capital if mine
8 months · translate
Not YET in the MONEY... ?
9 months · translate
Just sold yesterday... Hmmm
9 months · translate
Reckless grabs pumping hard seeds at 3 n below
10 months · translate
Alhamdulillah still hold... Almost 3 month... Worth patience...
11 months · translate
Waits retreats at 5,6
11 months · translate
Healthcare volatile intact in 4th wave, even 5th wave (unlucky country) coming next year due to eagerness of vaccine. Complacent, myth and recalibrated new norm of human psychology. 1st n 2nd Q 2021 also a challenging esp for 3rd World countries.
11 months · translate
Warrant lucky reaps
So yummy
1 year · translate
It's better extend the quarantine day in one go n cleared all in once, instead risky on n off n on n off n on back, inconsistency entire years would long lasting then suffer to next year
1 year · translate
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