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tam, calm down, everyone has different opinion. You and him may be right or wrong, no one is always right. cheers
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Tan, for me goreng counter just like pump and dump. now serba is become worse than a typical goreng counter so people just buy and wait for rally then sell. you should know that nowadays retailers can earn one or two bids then take profit. hhahah
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Why operator word come out pula hahaH
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Like everyone not expecting their qr is negative? this is goreng counter not a fundamental one, most people who bought this now just for gambling not holding for sure. For short term gamblers they just wait for operators to goreng and sell.
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This has officially become a goreng counter. In term of goreng who will bother to look at their QR results. Only will check their cashflow.
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现在只想看它几时能突破 ma200,看回图近一年每次去到那边都被挡下来,哈哈
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