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tp 0.575.
long way to go
7 months · translate
grab some at rm0.30…put in fridge for 1-2 years time..
8 months · translate
initiate position at price rm0.180…buy when nobody interested…sold when euphoria..
8 months · translate
exercise price rm1.12
this warrant become useless toilet paper…hahaha
8 months · translate
ekve start hiring alot of people for operation. go to their website, alot of vacancy to be fill. with small market cap, azrb have alot of room for growth… with consistent revenue from toll collection, this company will give consistent divident to its holder…this company very very undervalue with less media coverage and analysis…very very hidden gems.
9 months · translate
price compression…soon, boom
9 months · translate
already break monthy triangle pattern…expect to have huge price movement to the upside
9 months · translate
all time best collection/accumulation range
9 months · translate
denial-panic-capitulate….only buy when depression phase start…stay away…typical market cycle behavior
9 months · translate
panic to capitulation phase…just typical psychology of market cycycle….stayway…buy when accumulation phase start…
9 months · translate
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