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This company business model very sketchy. Debt is still high even with such high profit every quarter. I hope I was wrong. Just be careful though.
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This one real profitable company, serbadk is 100% open door to scam investors.
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Try lah behave like Lagenda, sekali limit down straight 30% baru syiok.
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Zero queue buy, first in the history of bursa? Really a legend.
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Latest QR beautiful leh, why waterfall.
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Guys, IBs give hint say 1.08 can dispose liao, beh pai mai hiam (hokkien) No need wait, very good offer from Ntt.
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Cikgu Alfred Chen last nite live said no rush looking at this counter when it was mentioned by one of his students. So, I guess wait for it to drop further and collect. Hopefully can drop below nta.
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Oil counter is best for short to medium term. Only those who are at high floors stick to long term. I hope you are not. Besides, dividend in this counter is very minimal compare to banks. Make sure your average return beats EPF dividend. Else, might as well keep it in epf as self contribution.
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Not many retail investors will go for long term when you can do it short to mid term. You never know what lies ahead. The world changes very quickly. You won't want to risk your money on long term investment.
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