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Waiting to buy more
10 hours · translate
Turun pun happy ada bullet masuk lagi.
Yesterday · translate
Sold all. Already hold more than a year. Make a little profit. Will revisit if reach RM 8 again
4 days · translate
No worry just some hiccups by US debts
5 days · translate
TNB saja ada ICPT. IPP tak ada. Malakoff jual kpd TNB
5 days · translate
Last chance to buy below RM1
6 days · translate
Down more PLZZ
1 week · translate
Wait for Lato Ong to push. Haha
1 week · translate
Someone sell down. Could it be EPF trying to get cheap tickets?
1 week · translate
RM 1 ticket going to sold out today
1 week · translate
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