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Anyone knows their bosses?
1 month · translate
Elaine- Myself too
4 months · translate
Thanks for the advice
5 months · translate
How much to pay to exercise into mother share? Can anyone help?
9 months · translate
William, you mean they give Ancom shares too?
10 months · translate
GLC!!! Company losing in the billions but the CEO continues to enjoy millions of income through fat salary n bonus n perks. Podiahh
11 months · translate
I kena at 1.60, holding a hot burning brick.
1 year · translate
Oic. Thank you Vincent
1 year · translate
When will it be reflected on our account? Today 13th already and still not in yet. Their announcement said on the 10th.
1 year · translate
Me. At 0.750
1 year · translate
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