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maybe the price will go up once i have a grandchild in 2050
19 hours · translate
his fake acc lean shop also got suspended
1 day · translate
what? nobody excited regarding more good news of dnex?
1 day · translate
i just feed people what they want see and hear. people get mad and take it personally when i say dnex is lousy
2 days · translate
Tony lim is a person who uses = at the end of sentences. i wonder who else do that
2 days · translate
eh mana boleh break support 075. nanti supporters marah. klci nak naik 1600 hujung tahun ni, kata news
2 days · translate
aliff, MOF cakap malaysia tak kena recession la. apa lagi all in
2 days · translate
tony lim got another fake acc lean shop
2 days · translate
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