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What do u mean by adjusted? Sorry i google translated n it says tht
4 hours · translate
Yup of coz
Yesterday · translate
Result is good but dividend is very pathetic
5 days · translate
What news do u want? Result? Out today liow. Profits surge.
1 week · translate
Someone deleted lo
1 week · translate
Ya thts why halt maybe. Or smtg is really wrong w this company internally
1 week · translate
Why profit lesser eh?
1 week · translate
Wow u ask ppl to buy from 8.20 and sell at low. Power la u. Tabik!
2 weeks · translate
Wahlaueh grill duck… tokok sing song pannai… clap clap…
3 weeks · translate
Sorry ah im not meant to be mean ya… jus sometimes i noticed d comments n all. Really luan luan lai… simply simply talk mcm god like that as tho is able to know whats to happen every moment n then talk talk talk saja… sometimes really will lead to harm those who do not have d knowledge n experiences in mkt. so thts abt it. Do not take it too personal ok? Don mean any harm… sorry if i did erm hurt u in any ways…
3 weeks · translate
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