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sc.., hw.., es....., so many making same move? but not yet
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yesterday 3.3million buying at 0.135, today 3.3mil at 0.130
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adakah warrant boleh terjadi pertukaran harga seperti consol atau apa2 benda lain? ataupun boleh expired awal?
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manis rupanya..
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tq...weekly technical rebounce..
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CL half, then regain half today.. adoii
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tried water at 0.04 months ago. how the heck im still on losing side at current price. thank God this is only testing, can CL asap.
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but I want them to TP to make better chart pattern.
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try water at 245 this morning, but it bounce too fast today, not what i was expecting. will people TP tomorrow?
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