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Engine started first, is time to fly....
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Die die die
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2 years already
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Langsung no sound wei...
What Bursa Malaysia is doing? I read from the announcement RP had already been submitted since last year. Really don't know what is happening now? Anyone can enlighten us?
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Sure buy la.. Why cannot buy? You have money you buy and keep don't sour grape here.
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Wow..the alleged PAT and revenue inflation appeared to be remote..... Those who reported Amedia should be held accountable for making false claims against the company.
We have been losing out in term of times just to fulfilled the request of those irresponsible accusers!!! Who are going to compensate Aemdia for the money and time they spent to engage the independant auditor for the forensic report?!?!!?!
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Gg. Com.my keep la brother, which company in bursa can make rm100m+ every quarter??
Don't listen to those sinkarlan
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habis...high PE , investors don't like ..sigh .
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hmmm , I believe people are expecting for higher profit . Overall cashflow looks strong despite flattish profit.
It shows how well this group in managing their cadhflow.
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Good result Aa
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