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Hafizullah Muhammad

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Joined Jun 2017


JCY is good company but the management were unfits to controls expenses quite long time
2 days · translate
Hardisk company dufu n JCY
3 days · translate
Rubbish,QR Hancur
4 days · translate
Goreng sampai hangus
5 days · translate
Serbadk potentially ranged 4.60 for this price, plus I will look it’s warrant when the mom shares touch exercise price 2.62. The warrant is gonna worthy in future!
6 days · translate
Absolutely, JCY still have healthy balance sheet , they just need improve profit that’s all
1 week · translate
Closing tak cun pulak
1 week · translate
HH,HL,HH,Break above 0.810 and sustain it can consider as wave 3, strong resistance 0.930
1 week · translate
Nama je solar, tarak bisnes
1 week · translate
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