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dh 6 bulan gerak..biasalah tu tak rest kejap..
3 weeks · translate
where is mr jesse..
3 weeks · translate
tp saya beli harga ipo..mcm mana ni
3 weeks · translate
sudah bocor tu...nk buat mcm mana ni
3 weeks · translate
got customer in china, saudi arabia, abu dhabi..where else you want to sell fish and meat...definitely undervalue...
3 weeks · translate
true max..everyone make mistake...i hope everone can take a lesson...dont mocking others...it might bite you later
.who knows...only GOD Almighty...
4 weeks · translate
as i hold some since ipo and add some later...pretty handsome..will add more after breakeven from myeg...
1 month · translate
sure i will come..let me fuel up first...
1 month · translate
i hope budget is good for constuction...
1 month · translate
sure for long term...food industry should be in good position...especially we are towards climate weather and environment...the management team age quite young...i collect some..hope they can expand their business and ventures to poultry somedays...
1 month · translate
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