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Haha, the most水鱼... Fitters spent a total of RM34.77 million for the purchase of shares and warrants on the two trading days, at RM2.18 per share and RM1.34 per warrant for CFM shares
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Goreng counter. In down trend, dont jump in. Like dataprep, euro..
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@Boom bibi Steady 一年前 (365days b4), 都没有看到你的留言,对吗?本人没票。
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Resistance at 0.31sen (nta). Next qtr expect in red color also? Highly yes
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break to lowest 0.945.... Tis time qtr rpt guess teruk
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haha, 跌了。不懂prlexus为何要收购10%这间公司。
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续bstead, pos...十年前是好股,现在烂liao
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这个qtr 破了一个大洞洞。。
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Gain dispose a piece of leasehold land 31m
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