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Erc , 0.79 is buying point, will go to 1.00
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庄家在慢慢收...看 macd
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erc, I go up first ya, later fall down , inform u
15 hours · translate
thank, erc! goodjob u guy make me got cheap tickets
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17 hours · translate
how I know future things...as I know a weak profit now no even worsen as negatif qr.We ald know Malaysia all technology weak qr for now, is a chance also...So,look optimistic to it..Fx, u did bad in one exam and u think no need survive ald?
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ya, drop lagi..I suka.Cheap ticket come. Anyway,stock still can up with businesses capability still existed
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Do you think 8.4% from us business is no significant? that is enough to bring up a company in long term...
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