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where got 1 week for delivery. I buy online received next day. u stay at which kampung ?
6 months · translate
DIY sales dropping. many customer ran away to buy at Shopee or Lazada they bankrupt soon. Sell now or too late.
7 months · translate
Ini boss makan taik. hahaha
9 months · translate
they will also create a false wave.
1 year · translate
ok don't go long term the tycoon will will slowly sell when small traders enter in this mean they slowly con ppl.
1 year · translate
maybe but warning it will drop back to 0.2 this is tycoon scamming counter creating fake waves.
1 year · translate
many tycoon pakat trying to scam all small investor. later will drop back to 0.5. try ran asap before is too late. it is the same as top Glove story. only buy any counter when it is very low.
1 year · translate
warning to small investor KLSE detected tycoon scamming. who enter in now later they will slowly sell and back to 0.5.
1 year · translate
haha laughing stock. Maybe 0 soon. close business.
1 year · translate
顶级手套将再次成为顶级柜台。 10年后TP30。
1 year · translate
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