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This stocks really weird.. Why it keeps dropping? The performance quite good.. Why no actions by the director of the company to improve positions
4 weeks · translate
I hold 100%.. 1 year return ma
1 month · translate
Kawkaw maa hahaha
1 month · translate
Are u sure it stops there? Hahah.. Tmorrow confirm gap up haha
1 month · translate
Banyak masyuk wooo.. Aku nak hold 100% from 0.23 woo
1 month · translate
Mcam susah gakk.. Haih tnggu saja la
2 months · translate
How long should i wait ahh.. I already hold since 0.285 for 4 weeks zz
2 months · translate
Saya hold.. So x kisah sngat.. Nak masuk tnggu market cantik semula la
2 months · translate
Yepp sudah drop.. Overall market memang drop zz
2 months · translate
U sakit dekat level mana ma aimflex tu
3 months · translate
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