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Liaw sorry do the late rwply.. SNS actually has reached its high for the time being..

Definitely it can grow further when if u hold your investment. Im very sure SNS will go above RM2..

Reason is simple, they made billion of revenue per year.
1 week · translate
Lorhh.. Just wait..
2 weeks · translate
Not buying yet.. Still consider haha.. But pattern seems very nice
2 weeks · translate
Im not in this counter yet but totally agree this counter will grow.. Check yesterday, it is confirm
2 weeks · translate
Ok move elok2 ye.. Saya target awak naik 0.540 dlu.. Pape roger
3 weeks · translate
After 57 days, u wanna make a show yea..

Next TP 0.56
3 weeks · translate
TP 0.56 first..
3 weeks · translate
Shariah compliance is on the business model but not the internal activities. Shariah or non shariah still able to do corruption and fraud
3 weeks · translate
Lek je.. Hold je dlu huhu
4 weeks · translate
It is time kaaa.. Hahaha
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