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almost touch historical 52week low, its good time to top up by batches, and wait for the transaction to complete
3 months · translate
mr. Adison, Cmsb and OMH had enter the SPA agreement. next dateline for transaction to complete/ waive will be on/ prior 15 sep 2022
3 months · translate
mr. kee, what will be the basis? ASP? or China Glove and new glove player overflow?
4 months · translate
quite near rm4, mr Kee, good prediction.
4 months · translate
dividend ex 已过了,cmsb会不会继续跌呢
4 months · translate
其实,CMSB还有比OMH更大的金蛋-MPAS,只不过要等年尾,还有pump in 更多钱。
4 months · translate
如果CMSB BOD赞成卖掉OMS 的stake,那个gain会reflect在哪一个Qr 的reporting?
4 months · translate
still have to wait step by step for materialize, mr. Adison.
4 months · translate
OMS and SISB agree to work in good faith to negotiate and enter into a definitive agreement (which will
take the form of a share purchase agreement (“SPA”)) for the Proposed Transaction on or before 30 May
2022. The following conditions precedent are required to be fulfilled prior to the execution of the SPA:
(a) approval of the board of directors of OMS and OMH, for the acquisition of the Sale Shares; and
(b) approval of the board of directors of SISB and CMS, for the disposal of the Sale
4 months · translate
mr. Adison, the offer to buy 25% stake of OMS and OM samalaju from CMSB
4 months · translate
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