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Every QR must be submitted within 2 months from last date of QR close.

So for QR Dec'23 - Feb'24, must be submitted latest end of April 2024. If exceed 2 months then trade will be suspended.
3 days · translate
DXN is deemed to be undervalued at RM 0.625

Fair value is estimated to be around RM 0.930

Though now may not be the right time to buy yet, as there is no clear indication of an upward trend due to lacking of momentum in its trade.

At the moment, DXN share seems to be trading sideways, with the possibility of a slight dip in its price to below RM 0.60

Is worth to KIV this stock until next QR.
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There seemed to be a momentum gradually building up.
3 days · translate
Kindly refer to this link:

Regarding the Corporate Structure.

Hopefully this answers your question and also to show how large is VSTECS as a Group in South East Asia
3 days · translate
VSTECS is very close to achieving RM 1 billion market capital.
3 days · translate
At a glance, this company shows potential.

Good P&L, Bal.Sheet & Cash Flow.

Will do more research on this.
5 days · translate
The balance sheet and cash flow is quite concerning.
6 days · translate
1) SP Setia has a strong P&L, Balance Sheet & Positive Cash Flow

2) SP Setia is a renowned Property Developer in Housing, Commercial & Township

3) SP Setia has business projects in Malaysia, Vietnam, United Kingdom, & Singapore.

4) SP Setia owns a significant amount of land properties.

5) SP Setia is owned by PNB and in turn PNB is Governed by MOF. This creates a check & balance in the Group.

6) Comparatively SP Setia is almost on par with Gamuda.

7) SP Setia have heavyweight Investors behind them, ranging from Retirement Fund Agency, Local & Foreign Banks, Private
Companies & etc..

Their share price went down in previous years was mainly due to Covid-19 Pandemic, that caused an economy down turn.

So yea, in my opinion SP Setia is undervalued and has the potential to go higher.

(Disclaimer: This is just my own opinion, please do own research first before investing). I missed the RM 0.80 train. Hopefully can go lower during Raya sell off, so can collect as low as possible.
6 days · translate
As much as I wish it can go up to RM 0.50 within this week but unfortunately that won't happen, because this week is Hari Raya, so some investors will sell off to Take Profit. Target Price RM 0.50, is possible after next QR Report, provided if SNS can maintain performance.
1 week · translate
Because of Covid 19 and more competitors entering the market.

GDEX need to find solution on how to make their services and operations more efficient to compete with other competitors
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