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Johnny Yong

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Joined Jul 2017


sell high. remember to cut loses and set your target price
3 hours · translate
simple rule to follow in stock trading. buy low sell
3 hours · translate
don't let your emotion get the better when trading on stocks
11 hours · translate
Naoki Ong has the right attitude
20 hours · translate
don't bother about quarterly results most important dividen payout is consistent and good
22 hours · translate
price is on the downtrend due to BNM review of fire insurance policy
1 day · translate
the divended payout is small but the yield is 4.5 %
1 day · translate
the dividend payout is small but the yield is 4.5 percent
1 day · translate
dividend payout still attractive
1 day · translate
RM 1 should be good buy
1 day · translate
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