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MCA president 刷存在感 la brainless one
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you should comment this in the AI related stocks. Why always spread the negativity here? aiyoyo…..
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Only Solarvest is moving up among all the solar stocks.. better we all buy Solarvest and pump up the price together
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my friend have been holding this stock for 2 years liao coz he believe the share price will go higher once everything settled. Seriously wasting time hahaha
1 week · translate
就是你这种comment害人不浅!拉升了一轮才来宣布派息的股都没什么好下场!大家小心啦 不要贪那一点点股息而被套!
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Kena rehat dulu nanti baru lari lagi ma, chill bro!
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Jcy昨天跌下去洗掉很多人了。还是静静的看表演吧 呵呵
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你一说不要卖,那些人就卖了 哈哈哈 难啊
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