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Mak dia tengah padu, kaunter ni Suspended kenapa?
2 months · translate
Hilang terus ke?
2 months · translate
Goreng jgn x goreng
2 months · translate
‎اِنّا لِلّهِ وَاِنّا اِلَيْهِ رَجِعُوْنَ
5 months · translate
About time to take stern action by lock report to BSKL, this company no value to listed, just a conman
6 months · translate
This counter betul² majal
11 months · translate
Why issue warrant still pending in our portfolio, TANCO WA also still not appear in BURSA, kena game ke apa? Supposed 24.08
1 year · translate
Warrant level Dajal ni, langsung x bergerak²…gerak 2 hari lepas tu jahanam
1 year · translate
Bila la penyamun ni nak goreng
1 year · translate
Will convert automatically or how? When the warrant will be converted to mother share?
1 year · translate
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