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I think dividend like last year, will announce in separately
1 week · translate
Wow good profit
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OR is temporary for 5 days trading only, last trading was on 22 feb. Later it convert to right issue and will listed on 15 march
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If next quarter still profit, no problem to give 0.7 cents of dividend.
1 week · translate
Result just out, you see revenue drop a lot.
1 week · translate
Yes profitable company but revenue not stable for each quarter, high fluctuate.
2 weeks · translate
You need to buy right issue and warrant will give free based on how many right issue you subscribed.
2 weeks · translate
Feel happy Liao if got 5 cents dividend.
2 weeks · translate
This counter always up near quarterly result but always gave hopeless after result announced.
2 weeks · translate
Good time to buy this few days before cny. Big Ang Pau after CNY.
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