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virtual meeting how to attend?
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Tiba2 Nta naik, sebab related party transactions tu kot.
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Zhikang, it's project led by cita global who has 60% stakes, not this penny Reneuco.
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Macam main bola kiri kanan kiri kanan hahaha, ikan bilis jangan masuk trap ahaha
1 month · translate
Stanley, penny counter without fundamental who will care about its Quarter results? Loss or profit the price will still penny hahaha
1 month · translate
bilis who chasing after the contract news already Holland today if they were not using cash upfront hahaha.
1 month · translate
Technical Due Diligence and Cost-Performance Review (“Technical Due Diligence”)
on three (3) local projects
Auditor requested these reports but in the announcement submitted by Reneuco that three projects were identified and proven genuine by independent reviewer. Wonder what are the two outstanding reports?
2 months · translate
The information were shared amongst independent reviewer and external auditor. The report were only received weeks before deadline, if you are an auditor would you simply sign before access all the information you have in hand? If you talk about science you should ask why auditor signed and the previous annual reports. Don't they verify the documents with the companies those years? Hahaha. Problems or not leave SC or bursa to reveal not you and me.
2 months · translate
Special independent reviewer auditor Messrs UHY FLVS had obtained sufficient documents to verify the veracity of transactions highlighted by external auditor. External auditor however, said the completion of evaluation impeded by time limitations.
Another word, not enough time to finish the audit to form an audit opinion.
2 months · translate
Honestly they can sell more at above 8c to 10c before the suspension of trading announcement. But mostly sell at lowest hahaha, so very likely force sell if you see the shares were pledged
2 months · translate
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