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tomorrow limit up !!! grab tomorrow morning all !!
2 weeks · translate
we are not become trader during gloves rally 2020/2021.. 10yrs over already laaa ren.. don't worry about us.. hehehe

we know about the risk..
3 weeks · translate
hahahaaa... All trap.. sendiri takut mau masuk or maybe sangkut at RM1, RM2, RM3 or RM4 in 2021.. hehe
3 weeks · translate
hehhe.. solid closing at 0.350 yesterday.. go go go continue fly next Monday
3 weeks · translate
berapa TP tadi bro?
3 weeks · translate
I confident, TWL will come back stronger soon.. Hope Analysis..heheh
3 weeks · translate
hehehe.. just wait patiently
3 weeks · translate
hehehee.. at the end.. break 0.400.. go go eatechhhh
3 weeks · translate
then you wait and eat at 0.025
3 weeks · translate
retailer out, then continue rocketing to the sky.. same like sendai.. from 0.350 shoot to 0.780.. hahahaaa
3 weeks · translate
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