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Ya, the main business glove loss a lot. Unless got other business can earn a lot to cover the losses.
6 days · translate
Dia ialah baby shark
1 week · translate
Now touch the bottom line 0.105. They will push the price up again. Otherwise no ppl dare to buy again.
1 week · translate
Today will fly again
1 week · translate
Maksud terbang atau jatuh lagi?
2 weeks · translate
is time to collect 0.115 and sell 0.130 or 0.140
3 weeks · translate
This stock morning can sell to get profit & evening time buy back with lower price. Everyday repeat this method, sure can earn extra income.
4 weeks · translate
What happen today?
1 month · translate
Now price up, keep it.
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Still got any latest hong seng video? haha..
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