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Look like it is going to sell down today.
13 hours · translate
You have poor understanding of English. I mentioned bearish divergence has formed and beware of retracement or reversal. If you cannot accept others opinion, you should give a pass.
2 days · translate
You cannot accept other people opinions that is opposite of what you are doing. This is what we called overconfidence and going into denial.
3 days · translate
I have cut my losses and turn to JTIASA warrants.
3 days · translate
Woohoo. Plentiful of warrants.
4 days · translate
Turning bearish. Just a pullback from a huge drop.
4 days · translate
Bearish divergence has formed. Please be careful of upcoming retracement.
4 days · translate
6 days · translate
You know, I know. Let collect slowly. :)
6 days · translate
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