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Today's up 1 cent was paid in advanced yesterday
11 hours · translate
Wow SCIB continue to drop like a falling knife. Possible to drop further until my entry price of RM1.22? Contemplating to re-enter.
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Bank valuation at RM1.50 FPE is only 6. Still very cheap and a lot of upsides. Logistic business is expected to improve further after economic recovery from Covid19 driven by exports/imports and E-commerce. I liked the fundamentals before the QR release, I like it even more now after QR exceeded expectations. Its price was pulled down to 0.78 by its subsidiary Malakof's negative growth QR, people were expecting boom QR, turned out to be opposite.
12 hours · translate
Nice. Great start to the month of March!
13 hours · translate
YoY Profit growth as previous taxes paid have been waived and refunded due to pioneer status successfully extended, this has more than offsets doubtful outstanding receivables unable to be collected by N2N. Nevertheless FY20 is the best performance year for N2N, recording the highest ever revenue and profit. Cheers!
3 days · translate
Only lacking one thing that is free warrant. Malaysian investors love free warrants.
6 days · translate
1B revenue! Now just need to improve profit margin. Great prospect after post-COVID19 economic recovery especially in Europe.
6 days · translate
Wow great news! Cheers to all!
6 days · translate
I have just increased my position with N2N. I think the current valuation is very attractive and the price is far from the 2018 high where they had recorded similar level of 9M+ profit. Very optimistic about the future prospect due to increased earnings from higher retailer participation in Bursa and record low interest rates. Net borrowings have also been decreasing. The ongoing trade wars and China economic booming may benefit revenue from HKEX as many IPOs from China will be listed in HK instead of NYSE, as well as the influx of foreign investments.
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The Star article on SCIB published on Saturday really powerful
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