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Boom RM2! Tuesday only can take profit
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1.50 good entry price
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N2N otw to Limit up!!
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Now that MFCB price is near the SMA20-week strong support of RM6.98, it may be a good entry point as this is an area of value. Upcoming share split ex-date announcement and QR by end of May could be the catalysts it needs to push the price higher to the next level. I believe MFCB is a great investment for medium to long term. Just my 2 cents. Cheers to all and Selamat Hari Raya!
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MFCB weekly chart shows its SMA20 trendline support remains firmly intact. In fact, the MFCB price has always stay above the SMA20 weekly trendline since Aug2019 if exclude the Mar2020 short dip. Every time the price touch the SMA20 support, buyers will come in immediately, indicating MFCB has been on a healthy long term uptrend since Aug2019, backed by its strong fundamental and profit growth. Tips: MFCB is a slow investor's stock with thin volume therefore need to use weekly chart instead of a daily chart for a more accurate analysis and clearer overview.
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Current Forward PE is only 6.5. Average PE in this industry is 12-15.
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Weekly chart already formed double tweezers bottom indicating reversal to uptrend. This week price action confirmed this.
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A widely diversified business portfolio ranging from logistics, infrastructure and energy. Expected to be beneficiary to a post-COVID19 economic recovery and MRT3 development. Earning growth visibility for the next two QRs.
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Time is a friend for good companies but an enemy for mediocre companies
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