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just hold if u feel comfortable, sell half otherwise, depending on ur risk appetite. Don't think it is gonna end soon, should have something behind.
4 weeks · translate
From lowest 0.035 to now 0.135 in just 3 months. Stay tune!
4 weeks · translate
Market is hot now, super penny stocks are yet to move, watch out for PDZ!!!
1 month · translate
Very nice chart, might challenge 0.215 next week. stay tune
1 month · translate
1 month · translate
Good sign today, as long as stand above 0.1, potential acquisition coming?
1 month · translate
Is a good sign if didn't break 0.095 today.
1 month · translate
TBH this stock shouldn't value at 0.1, it is only matter of time to goes back it's value. With ECRL 30 years concession, big players like YTx is definitely interested. Just need to solve the funding issue, everything will be OK then.
1 month · translate
随时随地来个white Knight收购,有几座发电厂,又有ecrl 30 年大合约
1 month · translate
Only change of new management/ shareholder or restructuring can make it to above 0.2.
2 months · translate
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