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I bought at 0.27x50k hopefully will fly above 0.30……
2 days · translate
I already keep for more than 3 years when I bought at 0.60x50k and taking a lot of dividend so I just keep it for long term hahah…..
2 days · translate
Finally dividend is up but lower than last time but still earn more since I bought 0.6x50k 3 years ago
1 week · translate
I hold more than 10 years already hahah
1 week · translate
But I sold already hahah
1 week · translate
I bought at 0.60x50k 3 years ago hahah….take dividend already good enenough….hahah…
2 weeks · translate
I wait 0.2 collect again hahah last time I bought at 0.27 and keep until now still waiting the dividend….
3 weeks · translate
I wait 0.20 top up hahah
1 month · translate
1 month · translate
Last time sold at 0.31 and bought the stupid SBH stock hahah
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