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Didi Nk
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lama lgi perjalanan
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Wooooow ada pump...ada goooood news mau mari kaaa
nabil hilman
pump and dumb
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Xin Tian
boss will dispose first
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Zafri Abdan
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Reckless grabs pumping hard seeds at 3 n below
Yap Cris
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It's a Gravestone Doji, congrats
faiz T
At how much low you want to collect, care to share.
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Yap Cris
0.005 and i will buy this toilet paper with RM 50 maybe
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Marco Delo
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drop please 0.035.... hahaha
Chin TN
I left 60000units in this counter to try luck. Hahahah . Some sold ytd to earn lunch money
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Yap Cris
Great eyesight and great wisdom for buying this “big big data” project trash
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