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Absolutely right chubby, with that RM 40 price the company will be valued at RM 161 billion, the can even acquire whole PBB Bank. Congrats shareholders !
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我怀念的是一天3posts ,我怀念的是一起做梦,我怀念的是三套老师带着胖子一起开直播。

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This SinKaLan is proven a conman with 0 knowledge. His buy call in MMAG is one of the best jokes in Bursa.
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One year ago : Time to collect
Now: within two months

Hahahahahahahaha pusing-pusing
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起了1sen, are you ready? 做莫这次没有召唤“酸民”出来?
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Good company with great prospect skyrocketing , our SC can’t wait to issue UMA
Those penny shxts Limit Up and Limit down within same day, bonus issue and then private placement and then Limit down again, SC approve and act like they are blind.
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This kind of funny PP also can be approved by the relevant authorities, don’t blame the sharks because they are just utilizing the existing legal tools to earn money, blame those sleeping beauties that always interviewed by newspaper and tell the world they are going to “ protect minority shareholders right”. Laugh them hard. LOLLLL
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(吉隆坡 17日讯) 大马套套T公司今日收市前突然从RM 3暴涨 100%至RM 6,据悉原因是股神Ppp Kkk在某著名股票论坛语带威胁一声下令,写道 “!!!!!给我去六块”,各大投行,散户,基金立刻前呼后拥,马交所也直接冻结每日最高30%起幅的规定。
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