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All Comments on N2N Reload

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SS Lim
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Shrunk trading volume and value.
Sean King Yea
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3 trading days no selling announcement oredi wor
Shang Min Yong
I guess price too low, SBI got some standard
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How Gen Ong
this makes sense
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Shiro Khor
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Proposed Renewal of the Authority for the Company to purchase up to Ten Percent (10%) of its total number of Issued Shares.
Shang Min Yong
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anyone at the AGM? did the management comment on SBI?
Kelvin Tan
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SBI done sell, maybe wan left 10% share
Nig SJun
how you know?
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How Gen Ong
i think they will dispose all
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tiger ball
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Market drop like shit n2n follows drop like shit, market up like shit it up like snail
Josh LRT
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N2N is actually handling or provide most platform services to major companies. eg: Bursa the trading platform handling by them and also provide the infrastructure that supports cloud computing business. N2N is specialised in E-Broking. and this industry is project-dependent or contract-dependent.

1st FA of N2N is good. YoY RYoY and RconQ
2nd Financial is good Cash > Borrowings
3rd it supports on the major trading platform - bursa and most banks are adopt N2N platform for executing the trades.
4th future, as trading volume increases, there will be more maintenance going on, infrastructure need to upgrade and that's can secure revenue and profits

but the current scenario of N2N, it may behave neutrally... the price will go sideways until another good news or project is approved.
if u look for entry., actually the current price is good. but need to be a concern as shareholders are disposing of. But no worry, we must understand the disposing. Explainable and Understand what is going on = secure.

SBI is a strategic investor for the pass 2 years. That time, SBI signed MOU with N2N last year to adopt N2N trading platform for crypto trading in ASIA. However, the planning is not as possible for x reasons due to our GOV and SC is not support on a comprehensive Crypto-related framework as it is using blockchain technology. Thus, SBI does not continue with N2N but it is not the end of the world. N2N still has ongoing business in Malaysia, HK and another region. If the price keeps pushing down, it may be another good opportunity for experienced traders to pump into this counter again (prefer closed to support or anytime it bullish again).

N2N support is around 0.785, keep monitor
#future #steadybombibi #netcashcompany #prinvst #director #watchlist
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eric leow
Good sharing bro, buy a little to be a shareholder while waiting SBI to finish their business.
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LFC_ 1920
Thanks for sharing...........
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Chee Fut Yap
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Sean King Yea
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Arctic Kee
subs sh holders disposing their sh
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Shang Min Yong
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Fan Hao
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Stock Hunter
庄家操作你都看得穿 没问题了 你一定赢
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