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Teikchye Kee
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Vengatasamy Samundram
Sit at one corner of Jalan Hus, Chow Kit with a notice, may be some may strike
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Hoo Khoi Bing
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Choy Sun
May gap up. Hope you get your 8.10. See what is lowest on sell queue so you don't miss out :)
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Ha ha. finally can get. thks seller.
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Screener KLSE
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Maybank dividend: 38.5 cents
Tenaga dividend: 58 cents
Both counters are very generous this quarter
kent choong
Dividend 竟然是这么算的,真的是长见识了 xD
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jordan ng
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被推去8.15,要 close的時候卻壓到8.03??
Vin Cullen
Is same actually... Justnow index drop almost 12 point.. I saw Maybank prices around 8.03 8.04.... Then suddenly goreng up 8.12... Ofcourse It will going to where it belongs lol
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Raymond Lo
Institutions took profit...
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ss tan
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市场动态不乐观 东南亚区
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tenaga 现在派息比mbb pbb 高,而且tenaga 还有上升空间的复苏股
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ss tan
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Jun Xi Phuah
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undoubtedly one of best and consistent counter. last 3 years I also bought Maybank Indonesia and managed to profit 30% this year. Truly one of the best region banks. Well done!
Lim AS
Maybank dividend policy shall b the best amongst the banking counters .
u can choose dividend in cash or exchange for shares where shares r rated 10% less than market price .
Long term holding shall give a constant annual returns better than putting FD in the banks .
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Jun Xi Phuah
Lim AS thanks for your info
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Fong Sek Aun
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To be realistic, we can only expect between 20-25cts for final dividend as Maybank have just paid 13.5cts in Q3.
Emma Lim SS
huat 一 huat... 8.18
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ss tan
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2.0 Top Glove
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Wooi Lee Neoh
How is TOP Glove, I buy on 5.72, any comment??
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Shixun Ng
Top glove gg
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Melissa Tan
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It’s official ? When is the dividend out ?
Yip Jacky
[转贴] 5分钟看懂 MAYBANK(1155) 2020年 Q4季报 ~ MAYBANK业绩大跌? ~ 第一天
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ss tan
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