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Aliff Fahmi
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time to stuck more retailers above 40s before share decline after QR to below 30s
Jia Woei Lee
jangan buang masa Sama dia la..sendri judge. bukan bagi benda Yang konkrit..rosak Kan orang lain
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Hafiz Azmi
Member koyak, dulu beli RM1 taknak CL. Haha. Mungkin dia ingat orang lain pun macam dia tak reti CL.
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Kimsui Tan
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Short term target 0.60, long term RM1. Good luck guys!
Yap Jimmy
It has been showing doji for few days

Will analyse soon in our tele.Check out more info in my bio
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ting pang eng
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DNeX’s overall cash flow position, as of 30 September 2023, the company generated a net cash flow from operating activities of 330.0 million MYR and held a positive cash balance of 691.9 million MYR, exceeding total borrowings of 294.3 million MYR. This suggests that DNeX maintains a healthy cash position, which could be a positive sign for its financial health moving forward.

Cheers! May the market force be with you:) :)
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ting pang eng
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Do not rule out Dnex so soon for its days are coming soon….

Executive chairman Syed Zainal said Dnex will be strategically positioning itself in emerging sectors.

PETALING JAYA: Despite recording its lowest net profit in three years, Dagang Nexchange Bhd (Dnex) remains optimistic about its future prospects backed by the global semiconductor market recovery, favourable oil prices and potential strategic collaborations.

Its jewels of the crown are
1. Semi conductor : IC
2. O&G

This QR hopefully to be better than last

Cheers! May the market force be with you :) :)
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kk tan
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0.45 cabut liao, sell at YTD high consider ok liao la. 0.5 maybe need time. i cari stock lain liao. Thanks DNEX.
Stewart Law
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something is brewing...I.o.l
Stewart Law
RM0.375 limit down 2nd batch...

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Stewart Law
Sold a portion at RM0.45......I.o.l....let look how the market react after QR release....I.o.l
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Derrick Millionaire
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Buy just now also need to cut lost, demon stock
boon siew
useless counter
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Later QR out... Dropped limit.. haha
lawrence hou
insider news. QR will be green this time
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Ha Ha
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Yap Jimmy
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It has reaching the resistance area now u guys need to be careful ya
Bo Lkti
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IF the boses of DNEX are intelligent , hard working and capable in their managment with wisdom, they can bring this company to a very high level. But they aren't .....
Naqib Salihoddin
Good first statement. But the conclusion…. Hahahhahahahahhahahahhahaa
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Yan Long Tan
let me finished eat 475 will pull new high .....
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