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William Yeo
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Kelly Kelly
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han ck
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air port 的股價跟它差不多,如果政府扶盘,它會跑輸Airport.
Joon Wei Gow
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TP RM5.00
Mimi Siti
hello,sahabat boleh pergi ke?
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Eric Fong
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Going to rm6.70 ?
Chong Kong Hui
到 5.70 的几率比较大。比较疫情前,高位=高危,还是别碰。
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Harimau Malaysia
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Cutlost at KNM and invest all here.
Christopher Ng
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Join the club as a long term investor, planning to hold for capital gain instead of dividend income.

Malaysia is a famous and popular medical tourism destination among the ASEAN region.

Also, the pandemic taught us the necessity of health care industry to support the entire civilisation. IHH has been expanding aggressively in both India and China, for which I expect the population there will have increasing awareness on maintaining personal health care.
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Time and Space
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IHH lead by a group of very pro management
Boey Tan
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Rm7 where are you??
Khairul Mohamad
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join the club as investor. future medical cost surely will go up.
Khairul Mohamad
gain tru dividen for retailer like us is not really significant
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