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Lee Pek See
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any hope 0.015 Bbq
001 seng
born esos unlimited.. takut tak?
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Michael Lee
Later Bornoil will follow up, if gold price continue going up.
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Antanum Acong
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sleeping loo
Orson Chin
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Gold break usd2000

Bornoil. … ur time to goreng
Adrian Tiong Meng Wei
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wow congratulations.. will be 0.15 soon.. after 10:1 consol.. keep it up
Tien Yun Hwang
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Choon Leong Ho
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this sxhai share, big boss queues all at 0.015 to buy, sell at 0.02...left to right 0.005 earning x 500millions of shares, handsome profit of 250k...small investor buy @0.02 cannot wait will sell at 0.015...
farhan razman
i thought this share gonna up to 0.03...hmmm
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Bro Fariz
will up to 0.025 so that they can sell their esos n pp at 0.02...
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Sk Lim
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Details of the ESOS Options offered to the Eligible Persons are set out below:
No. Description of Offer under the ESOS Options
1. Date of Offer of the ESOS Options 6
th March 2023
2. Exercise price of the ESOS Options offered 0.017
3. Number of ESOS Options offered 10,000,000
4. Closing market price of Bornoil Shares on the date of the Offer 0.020
5. Number of ESOS Options offered to the Directors of the Company Nil
6. Vesting period of the ESOS Options offered N/A
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Tan Yoke
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骗子公司 生意都来自投资者
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Earning from investments oso money maa…
Adrian Tiong Meng Wei
lol.. ya keep telling that to yourself..good good
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