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what's coming? Ambrose buy some more share?lol
4 days · translate
get the dividen,invest more... retirement goals
5 days · translate
i was thinking the same,but having one counter for retirement not quite enough i think
1 week · translate
untungla boleh beli share maybank...kahakhaja..yeah United plantations is better
1 week · translate
esos n buy back,ulam ulam sampai bang jamil mampos
1 week · translate
here we go guys
2 weeks · translate
oi,where the best nasi kandar you can eat...i want to lay down after buying this counter...heheeheh
2 weeks · translate
siapa sini org sabah?who went to the GM made by this company?
4 weeks · translate
macam main dalam toilet,tpi semua orang nampak... kihkihkih
4 weeks · translate
walaowei...doubt this counter can counter pn17 status...
1 month · translate
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